Why voting YES on 31st of May is good for Cavan

There are three issues that most concern Cavan People;

1. Jobs for their children
2. Security of their own income
3. The coming Common Agricultural Policy Review.

New jobs mainly depend on Inward Investment. If we remain at the heart of the Euro and with the advantage of being english speaking we can expect to attract considerable inward investment from the U.S. and China over the coming years. Passage of the Treaty will stabilise the Euro and insure that our European Trading Partners are prosperous enough to buy our exports. That is vital for indigenous jobs.

The passage of the E.U. Stability Treaty will give us the security of membership of the European Stability Mechanism. This will ensure that we can borrow money competitively with low interest rates. The Treaty Terms will also prevent any future Government from treating the peoples’ taxes as an election slush fund, In these two ways a Yes Vote secures Cavan family incomes into the future.

In 2013 Ireland will hold the Presidency of the European Council putting us in a key position to negotiate a good C.A.P. deal for Irish farmers. If we Vote Yes we will have the necessary standing and moral authority to get it right. The towns and villages of Cavan depend on agriculture as much as the rural areas.

Cavan Peoples’ best interests lie with a resounding YES Vote

Senator Joe O'Reilly representing Cavan & Monaghan 2010. | An ExSite website