Why I am voting for Gay Mitchell.

People right across the country need a particular kind of role model at the moment. They need a person with a ‘can do’ attitude and a person who knows how to deal with adversity. Families and individuals are and have been suffering the burdens of unemployment, negative equity, emigration and reduced income. Gay Mitchell is someone who can relate to that, his own upbringing was tough and challenging.

The youngest of nine children, life in inner city Dublin was not easy for Gay. His Dad passed away when he was just five years old and he watched his mother leave for work early every morning, something that was practically unheard of in those times. This experience has taught Gay the value of an honest and decent days’ work. The importance of leading a good life and making the best future that you can for yourself and your family. It instilled in him the drive to push himself to where he is today.
If elected President, I know that Gay will show people that there is a way out and a way back. He will instil a self-help attitude in people. He will give us the confidence boost that we need.

Gay has an indomitable spirit, the character, the steeliness, the inner confidence and the leadership ability we look to in a President.
Irelands standing on the World and European stage was never more important. Since its election this Government has been engaged in a Diplomatic Offensive to restore our International Standing particularly in Europe. Gay Mitchell’s experience in the European Parliament and in Government make him ideally placed to complement and enhance work already being done at European Level and International Level. The outcome of this is critical to Job Creation, Trade and Tourism. We must all think deeply about this element before we go to vote. Our most endearing characteristic as people is and has been our individual and collective generosity when confronted with appeals for money to alleviate famine, disaster and extreme poverty at home and abroad.

Within the European Parliament Gay has associated himself and led on Development Aid to Third World Countries. He is a deeply committed Christian at a practical and emotional level. His sound values will make him a truly good role model.
Gay is a very able and dedicated politician who lives, eats and sleeps public service. He will work twenty-four seven to visit every part of this country, empowering and giving confidence to people who have been bruised by the recession and need a fresh start. He will focus hugely and will use his enormous network of contacts to have our profile abroad. He is the man for this vital job.

I am voting for Gay and I hope that you will think through all the points I have made.

Senator Joe O'Reilly representing Cavan & Monaghan 2010. | An ExSite website