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Opening of World War I Trench at Museum at Ballyjamesduff
I performed the opening of the World War I Trench at Ballyjamesduff on behalf of Minister Humphreys, who was attending similar ceremonies nationally. It was an extremely impressive and well attended event.
I would strongly recommend that you and other family members find the time to visit it and the World War I exhibition over the coming months. It is extraordinarily realistic and educational. It is truly impressive and has to be seen to be believed.
It is wonderful that we have matured sufficiently as a Country to now give proper recognition to the more than 625 Cavan men and the more than 49,000 Irish men, who died in the war.
It lifts a great cloud from the families and recognises the heroism, patriotism and sheer decency of their people who died in the war. Giving that recognition in no way diminishes the recognition that is given to those who died in 1916 and the War of Independence.
What this decade of commemorations must achieve is a mutual respect and acceptance of the validity of all our traditions. If this is done it will be a good day’s work.
Constituency Work
My Office in Cavan and my own phone remain very busy, even in August. I am delighted with that however; there is a major reduction in public events. I have managed to get to most of last weekend’s Club matches and met some of our people.
Despite the reduction in public activity, I do want to maintain the practice of sending you the Cavan Voice, even during this time of year.


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