The impact of motor insurance costs on people in Cavan and Monaghan must be tackled

Continued action on tackling motor insurance costs for people throughout Cavan and Monaghan is of the utmost importance.


“Motor insurance companies cannot be allowed to price consumers in Cavan, Monaghan, and across the country, out of the market, and ensuring that there are no further rises in motor insurance premiums must remain a priority.


“This is particularly important for communities across Cavan and Monaghan who do not have access to the same public transport services as residents in other parts of the country. In most of Counties Cavan and Monaghan, there is not alternative to using cars to travel to work, school, social events, or simply to travel to the local shop or to visit neighbours and family members.


“With no rail service for residents in Cavan and Monaghan, and many regular bus services focused on travel between our local community and cities, such as Dublin, people in Cavan and Monaghan have no other option but to depend on their cars to get around.


“In tackling motor insurance costs, it is important that fraud is eliminated. Minister of State, Eoghan Murphy  has identified fraud in motor accident claims as costing up to €250 million per year. Such fraudulent claims are having an impact on the cost of motor insurance for everyone due to insurance companies trying to cover themselves.


“This does not, however, excuse the actions of the motor insurance companies in hiking insurance premiums – the actions of the companies in this regard are, in my opinion, irresponsible and constitute a disservice to their customers in Cavan, Monaghan, and across Ireland.


“I am pleased that my colleague, Minster Eoghan Murphy is actively working on this matter. However, I believe that insurance companies must provide evidence to outline where our money is going – using excuses of fraudulent claims and uninsured drivers will not, and cannot, be deemed acceptable given the increases which many local drivers have had to face.


“I have also stated that I believe the Central Bank must play a more proactive role in regulating the insurance industry itself. We cannot allow people in Cavan and Monaghan to be forced off our roads purely due to the costs of insurance.”

Senator Joe O'Reilly representing Cavan & Monaghan 2010. | An ExSite website