November Blog

This week I took my use of the Dáil Chamber as a vehicle to advance the needs of my Constituency a stage further. I used the new ‘Topical Issues’ slot in the Dáil to raise the issue of the Mountain Lodge Geo Park, straddling the Counties of Fermanagh and Cavan and the need for a letter of offer on a €3.18 million grant for its development. I got a very positive answer from the Minister and I am confident this very big grant, 75% funded by Europe and 25% funded by the two sovereign Governments will be a reality shortly.

I have decided to use this new Dáil opportunity to raise the issue of the use of Boarding Out Houses more as a Long-Term CareOption. The Boarding Out Option which has been developed to a very high standard in County Cavan involves the host family providing quality accommodation and meals to the resident. The residents who do not exceed six in any case come and go as they wish. It is a transitional option, providing a home for a home. It is a relatively cheap option and should be given a stronger try and more support.

The next big Dáil business will undoubtedly be the Budget. The proposed reduction of the deficit of 8.6% or €3.8 billion will be painful and difficult. It will be an imposition on people and services already hurting. However, there is no other way. We are constrained by the IMF/ EU Deal but also by the need to restore the Country’s International credibility from a trading and borrowing perspective. Confidence must be returned to boost consumers demand as much as we need it internationally.
There are occasions when politicians are challenged to do the right thing rather than what is expedient in the short term.
This is one of those times and I have worked it out in my mind. I will be doing the right thing for our children and honouring the mandate given to me and my colleagues last February which is to sort out the Country.

Senator Joe O'Reilly representing Cavan & Monaghan 2010. | An ExSite website