New Government know what Public Service really means….

The election of a new Government and the subsequent risk earnestness of their approach have lifted the deep and dark cloud of depression from our people. We remain anxious and deeply aware of our difficulties but now we can see evidence of an ultimate turnaround.

The most progressive, imaginative and bold exercise of this Government was the Jobs Initiative. It sent out an important message; that we were not going to lie down under our problems. While modest, the schemes are highly practical and workable. The funding mechanism is, in my view, courageous. It is time that the pension fund managers reduce their obscene income rather than orchestrate a campaign against a negligible 0.6% levy. That orchestrated campaign obscures the reality of significant tax breaks for pensions down the years.

In my view, the next big exercise the Government needs to bring on is to continue the building of shovel-ready new school projects. As a country we are very lucky at the moment to have one of our best and most senior politicians as Education Minister.
I believe that he will see the building of new schools as a way to breathe life into the moribond construction industry. He will be acutely aware, as a former Finance Minister, that it is obscene. He will be aware that contract prices of under developed school building programmes are currently very attractive.When you factor this in, the return in taxes, savings in social welfare, the cost of temporary buildings and the potential benefit to school communities, the logic of such a move becomes clear.

 It is wonderful that after fourteen awful years at Governmental level that we now have a team who know what Public Service means and have a vision for the country.

Senator Joe O'Reilly representing Cavan & Monaghan 2010. | An ExSite website