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Brexit Weariness
I remember how depressing it became when we had round the clock gloom from Radio and Television during the recession. It did negatively impact on us all. There was pallor everywhere. This was reinforced daily with a constant diet of bleak forecasts. All joy and spontaneity left our lives and was replaced with constant foreboding.
We were just recovering from that when the dark Brexit Cloud descended with a fresh dollop of gloom and doom. It is impacting on us all and spreading depression. We need to shortly step out of it. Let’s hope that will be soon. As I said last week I believe we will see it resolved. Then we need to concentrate on the positive and enjoy good news and start to dream of and enjoy better days. It’s time to return to better times. We are Brexit Weary.

A Good Day Last Saturday
On Saturday I was a guest of the Cavan India Association alongside there Ambassador to Ireland at a very special function. There very vibrant Association which provides mutual support friendship and a social life is a replica of the wonderful Cavan Associations I visited over the years in Luton London and New York. While our wonderful 200 strong Indian Community integrates really well in their local community they do need their own Association. They were all so warm and sporting beautifully outfits. They are part of a 30000 population nationwide. Many work in health as doctors and nurses. They are loved by all who meet them. Irish India trade is worth an annual billion. We have deep ties through our missionaries who set up and ran so many schools. We had a similar independence struggle. Our Indian community enrich our county. They are particularly good at integrating and our lives will be added to through friendship and interaction with them.

Insurance and Rates
Insurance is astronomical.
Most retail outlets, particularly pubs and restaurants pay somewhere between five and ten thousand euros. This is not sustainable in many cases.
The insurance issue has to be taken head on. The companies must cut their costs. Awards have to be capped. Ours are multiples of other European countries. False claiming must be criminalised. Small retail outlets besieged by the multiples and internet sales need radical change here.
It is shocking to hear of some pre schools closing and others just not insuring their premises.
Rates must also be controlled and related to turnover. There is an appeal mechanism in the current revaluations. Councils must do everything possible to control rates rises and substitute by widening their rates base.
If we want to keep a retail and hospitality sector the insurance and rates issue must be taken head on. Have a look at my Senate speech on compensation on facebook.

Senator Joe O'Reilly representing Cavan & Monaghan 2010. | An ExSite website