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Good to be back reinvigorated and ‘Rarin to go’ after holidays.  This year we managed a full ten days and by a unanimous vote of my family I was without iphone or laptop.  I have to say it does matter and I would recommend a phone free holiday to one and all.

My first big work event since I came back was our two day ‘ThinK In’ in Newbridge Co. Kildare.  It was actually very good with great imputs by guests and a lot of participation.  A lot of what went on was distracted from by speculation in the media around An Taoiseach’s departure date.  It is the overwhelming view of the vast vast majority of the Party that a man who has given his whole life night and day to the Party and Country since he assumed the leadership in 2002 should be allowed finish the job of Rebuilding  a Normal Society and to pick his own Retirement date.

Apart from a lovely hotel and a great evening dinner we had a full programme. We had sessions on the Upcoming Budget, Party Structures, Homelessness and Mental Health.

The Session on Mental Health made a big impact.  We have all to get the point where we talk as freely about our Mental Health as we would about our latest pain or ache. We should think about keeping our Mental Health good as automatically as we brush or teeth each morning.  Our guest Robert Carley was really super, entertaining and passed on great information. He advised that if we were feeling sad or negative thoughts coming on we should shift to thinking of good times we had in the past, nice events or very special occasions.  That should lead to positive thinking and to focusing on the things we are good at.  We should bring ourselves back to happy times and pleasant environments.  When we focus on what we are good at every one of us have a huge list even if it’s a different one.

Remembering that the Greeks and Romans always spoke of the healthy mind in a healthy body we need to keep our bodies in shape whether that is achieved through the short walk or the half marathon. Just as we need the healthy body so too is the healthy mind vital.  Keep the thoughts pleasant, visualise nice futures and focus on the things that are good and well.  I am personally really convinced that we should keep in touch with our friends and work at maintaining and sustaining friendships. Robert finished by telling us that we should remember that we are all lovable and loved.  Very sound advice.

I would urge anyone who reads this and reacts by saying to themselves that all very fine but I am in too dark a place and cannot block out negative thoughts to not be afraid to seek help.  If you google Connecting for Life, or Healthy Ireland or visit your G.P. you will get linked up to people who can listen or help.

Me and my colleagues are going to have a nationwide tea or coffee morning in our Constituency Offices with literature on good Mental Health, good connections, and above all a chance to talk and meet new and old friends.  It will be on soon and will advertised.  I hope you will drop in for a chat.



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