Mortgage Interest Supplement

Mortgage Interest Supplement provides short term support to help you pay your mortgage interest repayments. Your interest is assessed as your gross monthly interest less mortgage interest relief and any mortgage allowance or mortgage subsidy payable towards the interest part of your mortgage by the local authority.

You will only get assistance with the interest portion of your mortgage repayments. You will not get help with the portion that pays off the actual loan and house insurance. You should contact your lender to discuss repaying the actual loan.

To get Mortgage Interest Supplement you must meet the following conditions:

  • When you began your mortgage, you could afford the repayments
  • Your house is not up for sale
  • The amount of your mortgage interest payable does not exceed an amount the Health Service Executive considers reasonable to meet your residential and other needs
  • Only the portion of your loan that relates to the essential purchase, repair or maintenance of your home will be taken into account
  • It is reasonable to award mortgage interest supplement having regard to any arrears on the loan
  • You are habitually resident in this State.

You won’t qualify for Mortgage Interest Supplement if:

  • You or your spouse or partner works more than 29 hours a week (for exceptions to this rule – see ‘Employment and Mortgage Interest Supplement’ below)
  • You are involved in a trade dispute
  • You are attending full time education (for exceptions to this rule – see ‘Education and Mortgage Interest Supplement’ below)
  • You are unlawfully in the State
  • You have made an application for asylum under the Refugee Act, 1996 and such application is awaiting final decision by the Minister for Justice and Law Reform
  • You have made an application under the Aliens Act, 1935 to remain in the State and such application has not been determined
  • You are admitted to an institution (for example, a hospital) for a period of in excess of 13 weeks.

Download your form here: Mortgage Interest Supplement Form


You will also need to fill in a separate Supplementary Welfare Allowance application form, this form is used to gather additional details relevant to your application for Mortgage Interest Supplement. The Community Welfare Officer or local Citizens Information Service can help you fill in these forms.

The type of documents you need to bring include:

  • Identity documents for you and your dependents, such as full Birth Certificates, passports, driving license, work permit, immigration (GNIB) card
  • Documents to show your income and financial situation, such as pay slips, P45, P35, P60, bank statements
  • Documents to prove where you live, such as electricity, gas or phone bills
  • Documents to prove you have a mortgage and your ownership of the property, such as loan application, loan offer, solicitors letter and other documents that the CWO may request.

Download your Supplementary Allowance form here: Supplementary Welfare Allowance Form

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