Government has “a destination with no map”; Senator Joe O’Reilly comments on the plans to cut the number of VEC’s from 33 to 16,

Discussing this issue in the Seanad yesterday, Senator O’Reilly highlighted that while he is, in principle, in support of reform of the VECs, the government’s plans as announced last week are vague, uncoordinated and unclear.
Virginia VECSenator O’Reilly asks what will happen to the existing staff of the VECs? Will staff numbers be cut? Will staff be relocated?
The government have said they will cut the number of CEOs to make significant savings. However, under the terms of the Croke Park Agreement CEOs cannot be made redundant, so will voluntary redundancies be made available and when?
He also asks whether the Unions have been contacted, and if they have what their response has been.
On a local level Senator O’Reilly is concerned that the amalgamation of the Cavan and Monaghan VECs should not affect the high standard of service provided in both counties. He is adamant that both Cavan and Monaghan students whole avail of VEC services, should not be affected by changes in administration.
The government are happy to announce these changes and to declare that savings will be made. However, they are not being forthcoming in how they plan to do this.

Senator Joe O'Reilly representing Cavan & Monaghan 2010. | An ExSite website