East-West Link vital to sustaining local employment & furthering job creation

I raised the issue of allocating funding for the East-West Link which will be vital to furthering job creation in towns in Cavan with Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Shane Ross TD.

“In order to create jobs in Cavan, and in Monaghan, we must have adequate support for indigenous businesses. However, those local businesses cannot function properly with the current road infrastructure for our region. Without the provision of the proper roadway infrastructure, it is difficult for local indigenous businesses to reach their full potential in terms of growth and job creation.

“With this in mind, and with better than expected revenue returns, I have called upon the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport to examine the possibility of progressing the East-West Link, particularly the Dundalk to Cavan section, as well as the remainder of the route to Sligo.

“The projected cost of this project is in the region of €150 million. I believe that this money would be well spent in terms of the connectivity it would provide to our local towns and villages, allowing local businesses to thrive, and attracting greater levels of investment into communities across Cavan.

“I raised the examples of Carton Brothers in Shercock, and Abbott’s in Cootehill, who are two major employers in our county. Carton Brothers, for instance, employs up to 700 people, and is associated with many small growers, and farmers in Cavan and Monaghan. These employers move high amounts of freight, and depend heavily on the road network, like so many other small, indigenous employers in Cavan.

“In order to support all suppliers in our region, we must provide them with the level of infrastructure they require – and this includes the development of the East-West Link. Progressing this project will allow local businesses to thrive, and therefore support them in creating more jobs in our local communities.”


Senator Joe O'Reilly representing Cavan & Monaghan 2010. | An ExSite website