Canvas Blog #1

During the next few weeks on the campaign trail I will be meeting a large number of people all around Cavan. I am looking forward to hearing what you all have to say. I am aiming to keep a blog to document my experiences and to share them all with you. This blog will be a mixture of my own thoughts and reflections on the campaign trail and the views and opinions of the people that I meet along the way.

I hope that you enjoy reading it and being a part of my journey over the next few weeks!

Best Wishes,


Canvas Blog #1

We need a new government to help restore stability to our country, stimulate job growth and reduce the levels of youth emigration.

The prospect of an imminent General Election date is something that is very much welcomed by me. It brings to an end the period of chaos that has ensued since before our loss of economic sovereignty. A new Government is necessary to restore stability and to address the fact that 1,000 people are leaving our shores per week, emigrating in search of work that cannot be found here at home. To address the fact that people’s take-home pay is being completely eroded to pay unsustainable Interest rates to the IMF, rates that must be renegotiated if we are to give our people a renewed sense of hope and a new direction.

A new Fine Gael, or Fine Gael led Government will create an optimism in our people, restore the pride in our democracy and Government structures and most importantly restore our International standing. Above all parties, Fine Gael is in a position as a member of the EPP to renegotiate our economic independence. Fine Gael has the policies and the determination to put our people back to work.

Here in Cavan/ Monaghan, people want job creation, the maintenance of existing jobs and adequate opportunities for Post Leaving Cert study. We want our General Hospital in Cavan to be given the where with all to accommodate every citizen it is serving and to remove the contemporary scandal of people waiting on trolly’s. Our Pig Industry in Cavan needs to be given the necessary support to cope with the 30% price increase in feed-stuff matched by a valley period in pork prices.

This medley of problems confronting our people cannot be responded to by anybody with associations with the present Government. It can only be a component and realistic response from a new Fine Gael or Fine Gael led Government with the peoples mandate. I am asking you, the people of Cavan, to give us that mandate.


Senator Joe O'Reilly representing Cavan & Monaghan 2010. | An ExSite website