Access to the internet is a fundamental right – O’Reilly TD

Speaking yesterday (9th April) at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Fine Gael TD for Cavan-Monaghan and Leader of the Irish Parliamentary Delegation to the Council of Europe, Deputy Joe O’Reilly emphasised the importance of the internet and that access to the internet is a fundamental right.

“The Irish Government is making real progress on this front with a rollout of broadband services across the entire country. Internet costs should also be controlled in order to ensure that those from lower socio-economic backgrounds will have access” explained the Deputy.
Commenting on the benefits of a quality broadband service, the Deputy said ‘Improved broadband availability across the country will have a positive impact on jobs as businesses are more likely to invest in areas which have sufficient broadband services. The internet also provides greater access to educational material.”

The Deputy then shared his concerns about the more negative aspects of Internet use, with the Assembly, “Despite the opportunities that the internet represents, there are some areas which should be looked at more closely such as the growing problem with online gambling and the need for regulation in this area. Privacy and personal data must be policed to ensure the safety of personal information online and to protect against any breaches.”

Concluding his speech, the Deputy spoke on about the serious issue of ‘Cyber-Bullying’ and the steps he believes should be taken to address the issue. “Furthermore, there is the fragile issue of cyber-bullying which is a growing problem for people of all ages but particularly for those under the age of 18. Service providers and hosts of websites such as ‘Snapchat’ or ‘Askfm’ should do more to support parents and governments in tackling this issue. Part of the profits of these companies could contribute to the tackling this problem.”


Senator Joe O'Reilly representing Cavan & Monaghan 2010. | An ExSite website