Youth Reach
My week began with a visit to Youth Reach Cavan. Their fifty trainees, twelve staff, and Director Ms. Sabrina Mc Entee are celebrating their 30th Anniversary. Their first Director was my Constituency Colleague and good friend Senator Diarmuid Wilson,
I could sense their pride in their work and success, The trainees have animated expressions suggesting a joy about what they do and a growing self confidence. The big thing is that they receive respect and learn to return it. They develop an inner self confidence which is the golden key to all achievement .
The remarkable thing is that the Fetac Education ladder allows them to go as far as doctorate level. What’s vital is that they realise their potential and invariably they do.

The recession darkened all our moods. That fog was only lifting when the dark Brexit Cloud thickened and came over the horizon. Since then it has cost a fortune distracted us all and created fear. The truly depressing aspect is that it’s cheerleaders are people who through accidents of birth are insulated from all possible adverse effects.
As an eternal optimist or a half full glass man I think it will come right yet. I think the civic and business pressure in Northern Ireland, the one million marchers, the four million signatories, and the UK MPs who do have a sense of responsibility will combine to resolve matters.
Personally I think a third attempt to accept the May Deal will succeed. It’s the least worst option. Maybe it will even go one better fingers crossed.

I read an interesting article in Monday’s Irish Times pointing to new evidence that criminalising Canabis is not reducing usage.
I find that hard to believe while knowing that of course it’s by no means In itself a solution.
What I did fully embrace was his citing of what’s done in Portugal. There instead of court and conviction they send detected users on a diversion program with a rehabilitate aim. That’s the way we have to go here. What we can’t do is stick our head in the sand and pretend there is no issue.

My New New Weekly Blog
This is a renewed but determined attempt to write a weekly blog.
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I will give it a real effort and bare my soul more as I get going.
I was a weekly guest columnist of a local newspaper for two years.
In the wonderful St Aidan’s Comprehensive In Cootehill I was editor of SCAN the School Magazine.
Over time I will inject humor anecdotes and a very personal touch.
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